Anger Management

Who would benefit from attending our anger management program?  ​​

  • someone having difficulty controlling their anger and is prone to an occasional outburst

  • someone finding it challenging to express emotions effectively​

  • someone who spends a lot of their time feeling guilty, hurt, worried or anxious - this will usually turn into anger

  • someone who often hurts themselves or others because of their anger outburst

  • someone having trouble being assertive in a conflict situation

  • someone who is uncomfortable in dealing with a difficult person

  • someone who wants to do something about their anger

  • someone interested in exploring and understanding their anger, as well as develop the necessary tools to safely and appropriately respond to angry people around them

  • someone who has lost a relationship, job or close friend as a direct result of anger

  • ​someone who wants more out of their life - a better life, happier

  • someone who knows of a person suffering from anger outbursts and would like to learn how to help a friend

Everybody occasionally gets angry. Most people understand how to control their anger so they won't verbally or physically hurt someone when they're upset. However not everyone knows how to manage anger effectively and therefore are prone to an outburst.

Some people never learn to control their anger and it surfaces again and again, often in very untimely and inappropriate places. Individuals may exhibit their anger by using road rage against other drivers, being verbally abusive, hitting people, or destroying property. If one's anger isn't controlled it can lead to an intervention by law enforcement and in some cases, a heavy penalty including jail time.

If your anger causes you to lash out at others in a destructive manner, it is time to seek professional assistance. The best decision you can make is to attend our anger management program. Here we teach you to identify triggers, control your anger as well as learn why you get angry. 

Our program is designed to assists clients to better understand their anger issues. Here you will learn about your anger and understand why you have these outbursts.

The program runs for six sessions, each session lasting
50 minutes in duration. You can choose to complete up to three session per week if you so desire. 

The program's focus aims to assist the client to learn about the origins of their anger, any circumstances that may be contributing and the consequences of an outburst.

One of anger management's main principals is based on the idea that anger results because your needs are not being met. Simply put, you don't have the things in life you should have based on your level of skill. If you get angry easy you are not feeling the things in life you need to feel. You are missing something! 

On completion of the anger management program, clients receive a certificate of attendance and recognition of completion of program.